Induction week: Photo Trails

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Monday 16th September 2013

Our first task on starting our degree was to do some photo trails of the building, after being shown around it for the first time. We had to photograph in such a way that would help someone find their way around the building if they were lost, capturing distinct signs or objects that could guide the eye. We were told not to just walk a few steps, take a photo of the corridor then walk a few steps and do the same. We had to take into consideration all aspects.
I wanted to look at different perspectives and how that could give a more rounded idea of the way around the building. I also wanted to photograph close ups of objects that stood out, that almost defined ‘milestones’ throughout the corridors that seem to all look similar, leaving one quite confused on first approach!
As it was our first time around the building without assistance we did get slightly lost, however eventually found our way back, and recorded our efforts along the way.
I didn’t know whether I would need my DSLR camera on the first day so I only brought my digital Samsung WB150 camera with which I took these images. As a result of this I experienced camera shake on some of the images as I was moving, because the built in image stabilization is only valid for if, when taking the image, your hand moves… but anything beyond that creates a blur.
Over all I’m quite happy with the images however I just hope they are clear enough for the viewer!

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