Induction Week: Saltaire

Wednesday 18th September 2013

Our third day of the degree we visited Saltaire for the day. It started off quite a dull day however the sun started to shine (which was great for my photos!). Our task was to explore the area of Saltaire and our perception of it, whilst capturing: something stripey, spotty, diagonal, square, round, rough, smooth, tiny, huge, and orange! I enjoyed photographing these, it felt like a treasure hunt to find these aspects of Saltaire, and to really search to find them. We were also asked to tell a story with our images, and have a theme throughout them. However I don’t think I told a proper story… I thought we just had to have a running theme throughout our images. So the themes I was thinking of and observing was the lighting and how it changed and made everything look different, and also ‘signs and indications’ – trying to fulfill the criteria, through signs and indicators throughout Saltaire and trying to get a feel of the place portrayed in my imagery. Everything can be an indicator – everything has a story. (I do tend to take a lot of images in general, so I ended up doing a few of the same but in different ways…)


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