Induction Week: Harewood House

Thursday 19th September 2013

The final trip of our Induction week was one to Harewood House. I love Harewood house and always have ever since my first visit years ago! We were asked to photograph anything that interested us. Just about everything seems to interest me at the moment so it was hard sifting through so many photos to pick the ones to go on here. This is something I have noticed I struggle with – deciding between images. However I want to master that indecisiveness this year and refine my end product.
Although the weather wasn’t great, it worked well for photos as e.g on the flowers there were crystal clear rain droplets and a mist in the air.
One of the things I would have changed about the way I shot was I would have used my zoom lens rather than my standard lens, to be able to get closer e.g to the birds and plants. However my 24 – 105 lens worked well for getting reasonably wide angle shots of the house itself, which I was happy with.
I personally like to make little montages with my images, putting images together that either contrast or have similarities, some being either perspective, subject, positioning, sequence or colour etc.
h1 h2 h4 h6 h9 h11 h12 h13 h15 h16 h18 h8n14 h19 h20 h21 h22 h23 h24 h25

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