In the still of the night…

I’ve been thinking a lot about photography at night recently. I’ve always loved walking my dog at night and seeing how the street lights create shadows through the trees, how the stars shine bright and are only visible at night, the moon, how in the quiet, usually at/past midnight, the vastness of the world really hits you. How we’re so small and the world is so big. How we hang in space, day after day, year after year, century after century. It’s mind blowing and so intriguing when I think about it properly!
So here are a few I’ve taken over the past few months, just an insight into what I’ve been thinking.
As I’m only starting to get into this, there are obviously some that are blurry or out of focus, and some that are under exposed and over exposed. However I have shown these specifically as these are the areas I’d like to improve on in this genre of photography. I have also edited the lighting slightly on some of them to make them brighter and more contrasted, to improve the look, compared to the original. I didn’t use a tripod for any of these images, and have been positioning myself in such a way to try and stay as still as possible, but no matter how hard I try I still move. Consequently, the images are shaky. However next time I will try with a tripod which will enable me to also experiment with longer shutter speeds and hopefully obtain a better outcome!

1n2 3n4 5n6 7n8 9n10 11n12 13n14 15n16 17n18 19n20 21n22 23n24 25n26 27n28 29n30 31n32 33n34 35n36

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