Personal project proposal 1 – Ideas.

(Started thinking about ideas and written first draft) Tuesday 1st October 2013

I found it hard to think of a few ideas for my proposal. Over the past year I had a year off and in that year really ventured into wedding photography and also studio portraiture. One of my ideas at first was re-creating wedding pictures. But I thought it wouldn’t work as a piece, as wedding photography is usually quite set apart, it’s not something you would class as a series to put in an exhibition.
Then I got thinking about not just straight up portraiture, but social documentary photography. I looked up a few images and I came across a website that really intrigued me. It was actually a blog of a student from another college.

As I thought on, I remembered an idea I had just recently, that really inspired me, and that was people who stand out from the crowd, who are different and almost ‘eccentric’. It would be great to photograph them with their environment, their clothing or an object(s) that say’s something about them! As people can sometimes use fashion, possessions, their talents, their behaviour – as an expression of themselves.


Above image from Google Image search.

A photographer that inspired me who I found on Flickr was Shannon Wolf. She did a series called ‘Who We Are’ – of different people on her travels. Here is one example that I particularly liked!


I especially like the bright colours and the sharpness of this image! It’s a look that I would love to achieve in my images.

“Who We Are” set:

There are a lot of celebrities who have ‘eccentric’ styles these days! Here is an amazingly unique woman who is a stylist in Paris, Catherine Baba. She has the most eccentric yet incredible style that she wears with such confidence. Here is some more info:


4-Catherine_Baba_wk0407_baba_06fa 64cc91cad9286cda03d34fb03e7c386d baba4 Catherine Baba baron_1_1500_0_resize_90 catherine baba_red cape Catherine+Baba+PCApMi6gwBTm Catherine-Baba Catherine-Baba evening catherine-baba-holding-a-fan CB6 cbaba4668_746928309_north_545x CC_2012_0294-682x1023 tumblr_mqfqivdd1J1rbqfkqo1_1280…0…1.1.32.img..1.13.978.-xM76Ch-izo

All images found on Google Images

Her style, the way she holds herself and her little (or large in some cases) quirks make me wonder – How? How does she create these looks and come up with the ideas for them? What inspires her? What goes through her mind? Why? …As it says in the information she wishes she was born in a different era. Where do these quirks originate? It’s all extremely fascinating to me! and also rather inspiring.

Here is another eccentric shoot I have found by a photographer called Marton Perlaki. I really like how it’s so different, however it’s definitely staged, planned, editorial, put together specifically for a shoot…

and here is his website:  I love how different and quirky his style of photography is! How he picks things out that appear random but are intended for a purpose.

Even though I have focused on fashion so far, I am also thinking about people and their environments/possessions. There is a great series that I actually found on Flickr a few years ago, which I have remembered and loved ever since, called ‘Persona’ by a photographer – Jason Travis. It depicts people (and even some animals!) and the possessions of their bag (mainly) but also their everyday possessions that say something about them and their persona.

I really like this idea of people, and their possessions telling a story about them. I would like to incorporate this into my images in my own way, as I have remembered Jason’s set from years ago, which shows the impression it had on me!

These are just a few inspirations and ideas.

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