5 image task… Making the mundane interesting (pt 2)

Tuesday 8th October 2013

Part 2 of the 5 image task: a series of one subject (mundane, banal, everyday) but in different ways – using composition, lighting and type to create a direction leading the eye in and out of the series. I looked up from my task sheet and immediately spotted the light switch on the wall, with 4 switches stood together. I thought it would be interesting to go around the building (Old Building, Bradford College) and see how may different light switches I could find – as I had already seen some from the time I had been there, that were old and some that were new. I also thought the way I could link them would be numerically. I tried to find 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 switches on one board. I didn’t manage to find them all but I got close. Here are my series of Light Switches.

switch1 switch2 switch3 switch4 switch5

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