Personal Portfolio 1 – First lot of test shots

(Shot on) Thursday 17th October 2013

I want to pursue my initial idea of the ‘eccentric, unique, different’ portraiture. I have managed to ask a few people I know to model for me which has been a great advantage, as I had some people in mind who I know that would be great for my theme!
I want to celebrate people who are quirky and different from the ‘norm’. They interest me greatly and I admire their character and out look on life. So my aim is to photograph them in their environment, and in some, focus on either dress sense, collections of items, or the environment itself to portray them in a way that expresses aspects of them as a person.

My first test shoot went well. The model is my cousin so I was at an advantage as: I’ve known her since we were born, I know her ways, we have a lot of fun together, we feel comfortable in each others presence (as to avoid ‘awkward’, ‘stiff’ or staged looking images) so I was able to capture her great and crazy personality naturally through my images!

The thing I would say was a slight disadvantage was that we got a bit carried away and silly so the shoot did veer from what I wanted in some senses. I also struggled with the manual focus on my camera – something I’m still attempting to master… so a few of them were slightly out of focus or didn’t focus properly on what I wanted. But that is something I think will come with practice and taking my time to really study where I’m focusing rather than feeling rushed, and then rushing things.

jess1 jess2 jess3 jess4 jess5 jess6 jess7 jess8 jess9 jess10 jess11

Here are some that I talked about being out of focus:

outtafocus1 outtafocus2 outtafocus3 outtafocus4 outtafocus5 outtafocus6

This has happened more than once on a shoot before, and it’s really disappointing when you look back on what could have been great shots but they’re out of focus. I want to look into how I can improve this, by researching and asking my tutors.

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