Personal portfolio 1 – Second lot of test shots

(Shot on) Monday 21st October 2013

My second lot of test shots were with my cousin (Jess’s sister!) Abi. She has a specific love of Pokemon – anything and everything to do with it! She also has many other interests that are really unique (which I hope to do another shoot with her to capture these!) that express her fun loving nature and boldness in being different. For example a few of her Sonic the hedgehog soft toys also crept into the shoot

I thought, similar as I did with Jess, I could shoot Abi surrounded by her possessions, in her environment. This would be in her bedroom or house in general. When I arrived Abi suggested (as she loves & knows Pokemon) that we do the pictures in the garden because in the game itself some of the Pokemon emerge from grass. So we went outside… It was quite poor weather, the light was fading and it was a bit overcast. I thought it was a good idea to shoot outside as it related with her possessions and her knowledge of them. Then it started to rain… which gave us limited time to get the shots quickly then go back inside and try some in the living room. Even though rain can be a bit of a disaster, this time it related to my shoot because Abi has a specific love of rain and thunder storms – which ‘being English’ would usually be seen as a bad thing – as we’re constantly complaining about the weather – but Abi isn’t!
So we quickly got some shots in the rain and got quite wet, which wasn’t too good for my camera, however I did wrap it in a towel while shooting outside, just in case. Then we took some in the living room, similar to the ones I did of Jess with the possessions surrounding her head, from above… Portraying their thoughts in a sense. We took some but by this time the lighting was getting quite dark so I don’t think they worked as well.
Also Abi did mention she wasn’t feeling 100% and had had a long day at work, so she wasn’t as bubbly and excitable as she would be usually, which I think possibly came across in some of the images near to the end. Here are my second lot of test shots:

Abi1 Abi2 Abi3 Abi4 Abi5 Abi6 Abi7 Abi8 Abi9 Abi10 Abi11 Abi12 Abi13 Abi14 Abi15 Abi16

I am quite happy with these images however I think I will re-shoot with Abi, and some other aspects/interests of hers. She is certainly enthusiastic about the shoot and shared some more ideas she has for it! Which is great for me as a photographer to have such a willing model!

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