Personal Portfolio 1 – Third lot of test shots

(Shot on) Tuesday 22nd October 2013

My third shoot was with a lovely man called Tony. My mum is a hairdresser and has done his hair for years. He is a kind and generous man. He lives on his own and always has. He has never been married and so has a very specific way he likes things done. He is young at heart and very jolly, yet has a serious side too. I would say his house is definitely his primal environment and tells a lot about him. He loves pictures – photography and art, and in every room, every wall surface he has framed pictures either from the place he works/volunteers at, or from family friends, or some of his own photography. The decor/feel of his house is almost like different era’s of his life all rolled into one, it’s so fascinating being able to see his life around the room. I find it beautiful, open and honest. A ‘humble abode’.

I wanted to use as much natural light as possible in these images to set the tone and nature of his home. He was very willing to be photographed and had even thought about doing a few different shots in different outfits – of which he layed out on the bed just in case. He usually is very enthusiastic and wants to show off his new clothes whenever my parents go and visit him (see images).

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