Location scouting/photographing task in Bradford

Monday 4th November 2013

Our task was to go out into Bradford and find locations to photograph that could be of interest (or that we thought would be of interest) to film makers who were looking for a great location for shooting. Here are some of my finds (most were taken today however some were taken when I’ve been in Bradford before and thought ‘I like the look of that, that could be good for a photo shoot or a film set’):


Bennetts Barbers (retro) – Just past market street, next to (front) of Bradford Cathedral/Kala Sangam. Good for memory/flash back in time?


Fancy some beautiful old white wooden doors? Just come to Little Germany, down the left hand side of Bradford Cathedral

Cottage style house - behind Bradford Cathedral

Cottage style house – behind Bradford Cathedral – quite random as it’s in the middle of a city, yet has such character!


Bridge (locked access) just across from The Royal Mail building, coming out of Market street. Good for a fight/action scene?


I like the look of the stairs and how they’re hidden within the centre of 2 buildings. Across the road from Bradford Morrisons. I can see someone escaping a house after a robbery and running/jumping down those iron staircases!


Uriah Woodhead, About 2 roads away from Bradford City Football Stadium, Coming away from Bradford Forster Sq shops. Could be someones work place, trying to make ends meet.


The Ring O Bells pub (boarded up) – down the street to the right of Bradford Cathedral/Kala Sangam. Could be a group of old buds local? Could be great inside for a few funny antics!


‘Spicy Corner’ – Across the road from Forster Sq shops/The Royal Mail building. I imagine this being used in something like ‘The Inbetweeners’ – some cheap grub from somewhere that’s pretty out the way/dead… and the strange shape of the building would add to the humour!


A little Coffee shop across from/slightly to the side of Forster Sq +shops and The Royal Mail building. Quite quaint and sweet. Could be a meet up spot for some old friends or a budding romance…


The Royal Mail buildings yard – with this ‘orange box’ – ‘check in desk’ ? Could be good for a drama/scandal series… The Royal Mail – high jacked!

I found that living in Bradford my whole life is a huge advantage for me because I have seen quite a bit of it, even the back streets and quaint little nooks and crannies that maybe others haven’t seen before (and sometimes the only reason I found these places was from getting lost in the past!)
I didn’t feel I had enough time to really get into this task because the sun was setting and I was loosing the light quite fast so I didn’t have much time to go around all the places I had in my head to photograph. So I would definitely like to go back and shoot a bit more.

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