Studio Practice: Breaking the code

12th November 2013


E – Eye make up (pink with leapord print?),
C – big grin with bright lips (blue lips?),
N – shoes (colourful converse?),
T – Hat (Big and pink? Or bowler?),
R – jewellery (intricate? big? strange subject?),
I – clothes (Red bow tie?)

Shooting for this didn’t go exactly as I has seen it in my head, however I still got some interesting outcomes. First of all, because I wanted to use some of the same people I had used for my previous test shots – I used Abi (my cousin) so because of this it wasn’t as professional as I would have wanted, and because there wasn’t structure like there would be if I was being more efficient and professional, I couldn’t have got the exact shots I was imagining in my head. I would like to maybe re-shoot this if I could do – possibly even use myself as a model just to see if I could achieve the results I require… however then it may interfere with my subject matter itself – as the people in the images – the whole project is based on those who are individual, unique, different, eccentric. Do I fit the bill? That would be something I would have to consider…
Also I didn’t get chance to photograph the items I had in mind in the way I wanted because of the time of day and environment (lighting, space etc).
I did however take some of my own possessions that I would say look quite eccentric. (As I love things that are different, unique).

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