Practicing Shutter Speed, ISO, Aperture and Lens perspectives

You can see here how the first image is all sharp (f/22) however because I had to compensate the shutter speed for the aperture (1/10), it was difficult to keep the camera still and therefore resulted in camera shake. However the second image has a direct point of focus and the rest of the image, the deeper it goes, the more it drops out of focus… (f/4).

IW9B2998resized IW9B3004resized

Here is a 2 second exposure of the traffic wizzing past my house! This was a difficult shot to obtain because I had to get the timing just right – not too early, not too late – so I didn’t ‘cut the light off’ but filled the frame (the road) with the streak of light. I feel as though it would have had a more dramatic effect if I was closer to the road and if I maybe got diagonal-on and positioned myself parallel to the cars as they were coming towards/away from me. I would like to try this out.

IW9B9360resized IW9B9361resized
As you can see here, the ISO (400) was too high on the first image, therefore washed out some of the colour and the features where the light hits on the face aren’t correctly exposed. However on the second image (ISO 200) the exposure is much better suited – the features are distinctly visible, the colours resemble an exact likeness to reality.

Here is a website that also shows D.O.F and lens perspectives etc…

Using different shutter speeds enables us to create photography that moves, for example here are a few images that demonstrate that: and (the first jumping ones).

Painting with light is also something that can be achieved when using slower shutter speeds! For example:
From this search I found this persons blog post about a camping trip, and it has some ace pics of painting with light:  I like how they’ve used the light behind the person to create a silhouette, it’s really effective and gives it a defining mood. the exposure triangle painting with light tutorial ebook!
I like this explanation of demonstration.

I will expand more on each of these links in my research folder.

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