Technique & Process 1A: The ‘256’ task

November 11th 2013 (See Outcome x)

What have I done?

I have been given a task to shoot on a 256mb SD card, (that will have limited room for error) interpreting ‘256’ in whatever way I want. I have written a proposal and am looking into research for this proposal so that I can start shooting.

What have I got from it?

I have been inspired by this task as I was able to interpret it myself. It helped me start to really think about what I am interested in and to experiment with something I have been looking into just recently. I want to get better at finding and evaluating research.

What’s next?

I want to practice ‘painting with light’ as I haven’t ventured into it properly yet… maybe try a few test shots for the sake of my own primary research and evaluate my findings.


When looking online I found this blog post about a camping trip, and it has some really creative pics of painting with light:  I like how they’ve used the light behind the person to create a silhouette, it’s really effective and gives it a defining, dramatic mood. I imagine they will have worked with a long exposure (they don’t specify what settings they used, they said they just experimented, as I am doing. I assume they have used a longer exposure because of the amount of strokes/swirls they have achieved in the air… you wouldn’t be able to create that amount with a faster shutter speed. painting with light tutorial. This gave me the basics of what I would need to achieve my desired effect. I went out and bought an LED light as I already had the camera and tripod. I don’t have a remote so I’ll set my camera on timer. I want to purchase this book because I think, even in the long term after this project, it would be helpful for me to advance my skills with light painting.   Some clear tutorial videos that explain painting with light and it’s different ways and techniques. Hopefully I will be able to try some in my spare time following the techniques he has given!

I will carry on with and evidence my research in my Research Folder.

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