Personal proposal 1: Fourth shoot – Dominic

Friday 22nd November 2013

My fourth shoot for my proposal was with a young man called Dominic. He is my step cousin, and he is lovely. He has a heart of gold, a very sweet individual. He has a strong love for everything Doctor Who, and is very knowledgable on the subject. For Halloween he created the outfit he is wearing in these images – as the 11th Doctor Who. It was quite funny because the day we arranged this shoot happened to be the day before the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who!

A print screen of google that day!<<< A print screen of google that day!

He was very nervous on this shoot, so I wanted to help him feel more relaxed – so my mum assisted me (as she knows him and talks to him a bit more than me) to talk to him – about his interest in the subject, about life – anything and everything so that he felt a little more at ease. This did have a positive effect however there were still a few nerves there which I tried to reassure Dom on and keep the communication going throughout the shoot.
I wasn’t planning on using flash in this project/series of images however because of the positioning in Dom’s bedroom where the light was coming in towards the camera at the angle I wished to shoot from, I had to add some natural flash.

As you can see these images look really dark and under exposed. I couldn’t just compensate with adjusting my settings higher either because the window (and all the possessions he has on the window cill) would have been totally blown out. I also didn’t want to turn his bedroom light on as this could have adjusted the white balance, and may not look natural. The reason I wanted to ultimately use natural light was to portray a naturalness – a nature of the person – to make emotion and soul visible.

So I pointed my flash gun at the ceiling so it could bounce off and give a more soft, natural light. This worked well too as the walls of his bedroom are white.


Over all I was very happy with how the shoot went. I think the personal struggle I still have is focusing my camera correctly… I think I need to go for my eyes testing and practice focusing on subjects close AND far away so I can get used to it. Also to learn my lens inside and out – to learn it’s focal lengths and master them so’s that I can use them to my advantage rather than having them hinder my performance.

Next, I was thinking of shooting another subject. I also want to look into Flash guns – what can be achieved with them? Can/do they still look natural? I also want to re-shoot Abi, and see which I would say are my strongest images from all my shoots so far.

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