Studio Practice: Review on my images

As I was looking back at my blog with my tutor, I saw that in my shoot write ups that I had written about how the shoot went, but didn’t actually comment on my images! So I am going to re-visit the images and say what I think of them.


I liked how colourful the images were and how they portrayed the way Jess is a lot of the time: sweet, fun, crazy and giggly. I liked the first one in particular where she is close up to the camera holding her toys then the back ground (her magazines/books) drops out of focus. I like how I have a variety of compositions rather than them all being very structured. Some of my favourites from this shoot are the natural ones where Jess is laughing or she quickly posed in a funny way. I try to go with the flow of the person naturally as well as giving them little pointers to structure the images – or meaning that I move around them to get the shot I want. Part of me wonders how using my flash gun would have effected the look of these images, as I wanted to strictly use natural light at first. However I do really like the natural light in these images because of the softness it brings, and sometimes slight shading and definition. Here are some of my favourites:

IW9B3596-02RESIZED jess7 jess3 jess6 IW9B3623-01RESIZED  IW9B3684-01RESIZED IW9B3672-02RESIZED

The images I would pick out for possible finals would probably be image 1, (ah this is difficult because I like them all for different reasons!) image 5 because it shows the possessions quite well.. however the book is hiding Jess’ face slightly. I do like the 2nd and 4th image because she is laughing naturally on 2 and because of the fun and comedy in 4 as the lions are falling to her. I like the last image because she is connecting with the possessions as she is reckoning to give them a kiss, as well as them being placed all around her.


I wanted to re-shoot Abi as I mentioned in my write up, however because of both of our busy schedules and time running out up until the deadline, I didn’t have chance to do that. So I want to work with the images I’ve got and see what positives I can pick out of them. Here are a few of my favourites from the shoot:

Abi3 Abi4 Abi1 Abi7 Abi2

I also like how colourful these images are because they reflect an aspect of Abi as she is a vibrant character. I like the first image because of her expression and stance, the affection she shows to her possessions. I like the second one because it is a natural shot and she was genuinely laughing… however it is slightly out of focus so I don’t think I could use it as a final. The third image I like because it is natural, and she was the one who asked me to take this photo of her, reckoning to kiss her Pikachu she had made. I like the depth of field on it too. The fourth image is one of my preferred images because it’s close enough to see the detail s Abi and her toys, as well as the posters which I would say make a good back drop. The fifth image I wanted to show because I love Abi’s expression, you can tell she is excited about her interests and the pose is very proud.


I loved photographing these images. I like them because although they may not look wacky and colourful, there is an underlying message within them if you look with the right eyes. People have asked me ‘who is this man?’ because they couldn’t see how it fit into the set/why I’d photographed him. But if the description is read alongside the images, the puzzle begins to be put together. I like these images because Tony’s exterior is quite still and smart but his slight smirk/smile in some of the images, tells a different story. It gives a ‘cheeky’ side to him. Here are some of my favourites:

4 3 5 11 16 15 23 31 30 32 34

I like how the photos of the possessions first lead you in to what kind of person this may be, then you see the photos of Tony. I also like the natural light on these images as it isn’t threatening, it’s quite soft. I like how there’s an element of colour in each image but it’s not in your face, it’s almost underneath, in the background, your eye searches for it. I think my favourite image of a possession is either the bear pillow or the ties on the door. I like the colours and how they speak of the fun within this man and his humour and nature. My favourite of Tony is the second to last image because of the contentment in Tony’s face, as he is sat in his environment, and the way he leans to the side slightly I would say it speaks of a relaxed feeling.


I was happy with the outcomes of this shoot as I felt I was more direct as to what I was trying to achieve – influenced by Bonadio’s images I had researched before.


I really love the last 3 even though they weren’t planned, because my vision was photo’s 2 and 3 mainly, but because I had the room to work with and his outfit, I ended up shooting from a few different angles. I love on the 2nd to last image, how he is dying to laugh but is also trying to look composed. He looks cheeky and full of character. I like on the 2nd and 3rd image, how I have managed to compose the shot to show him and all of his Dr. Who possessions. I also like his smile. The fourth image is interesting because he thought I was taking a photo just of his Dr. Who DVD collection, however I got him in the shot too. He looks thoughtful towards his collection – fond of them. I like the 5th image because of the connection between him and the dalek storage ornament.


There are a lot of images here because there were a lot that I liked. I love how each one is different and has a different expression of ‘Tom’. Also the spontaneity within them because of how Thomas was on the shoot and how he is in general – bringing new things to the table all the time – full of ideas!

resized14 resized15 resized9 IW9B9982-01RESIZED resized6 resized7 resized2 resized5 resized resized12 resized10 resized3IW9B9866-01RESIZED IW9B9874-01RESIZED IW9B9990-01RESIZED IW9B9992-01RESIZED IW9B9993-01RESIZED resized11

I really like the first image because of the focus – I shot it and got the focus just right on the bearded dragon. However it does hide Thomas’ face slightly. I like the images where he is holding the possessions because in the way he holds them, he is completely comfortable with them and with himself. He ‘works’ each possession really well – because he can relate to them. I like the image where he is singing because he was singing one of his favourite songs and I could tell he was really feeling the song, even when trying to be funny/dramatic, the meaning to him still came through. I like the 3 that are almost of the back of his head because his stance, the way his head is positioned tells a story in itself. The one of his tattoo is quite mysterious and maybe speaks of what the tattoo means to him, and the 2 where he is looking at the pictures show that he maybe is looking back in happiness but in sadness too. I think my favourites for this project in particular (to portray different, unique, eccentric) are the photos of him with the furry hat on, the ones with his bearded dragon, the close up of him with his toy dog, and the close up of him in his converse on the laptop. The reason for this is because they show a fun side, they show a uniqueness and individuality.

With this project I have progressed and I see that it may have veered a little from side to side, for example, maybe the images of Tom sat on the bed with his possessions are particularly ‘eccentric’ however they show aspects of Tom and what he likes etc. What is ‘eccentric’ anyway?… I have learnt a lot whilst doing this project that even though I wanted to celebrate people who are different and eccentric, I am possibly (or may appear to others), at the same time, boxing people up and stereotyping them in such a way as to define who they are. But this was not my intention. I didn’t want to try and stick a label on anyone – I just wanted to appreciate how everyone is different and have their own thing going on… however now I realize a lot of people may not think in the same way as me and may not understand my heart and my concept. This has taught me about being a photographer in my own right too, especially photographing people because there has to be a real sensitivity in the way we portray people and present them to other people, who may not understand. I just think we’re all human at the end of the day, and we are all unique individuals that should be valued and accepted for the person that we are. I know it’s never as simple as that, but that is my desire.

Next, I will be deciding and writing up about the images I have picked for my finals.

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