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Outcome 4, Research folder

I have a real love of Portrait photography, Wedding photography and Social photography – in studio and on location. I would say that is where I am heading with regards to my own photography. I find people so very interesting to talk to and to photograph because of everything that a person carries – expression, life, memories, emotions, thought patterns, and also the connections between people are fascinating because it raises questions in my mind such as ‘How does that happen? What is it that draws us to another?’ and there are so many ways in which that can happen. Connecting by shared experience, by love of similar things – or love of opposite things and a willingness to try new things! Through personality traits that complement each other, through working as a team, through qualities for example being able to trust one another, etc. Everyone is different and that intrigues me. There is no one person who is the same as another. People… are exciting.
As I was searching online for inspiration I have found some photographers – that for me, really know how to capture those moments that tell a story, or say something about the person within 1 image (or a collection of images).
Here is a wedding photographer, Gavin Casey’s blog website:

Gavin Casey’s photography caught my eye because of the quality of his images – they are technically very sharp, yet soft at the same time – as he knows how to complement the facial features very well, but still capture detail. Also his compositions – he uses angles that I admire and have used in my own photography – for example – I like photographing ‘through things’ – like the arms of the bride if she is putting her hair up, or the heel of the shoe etc.

Another of my inspirations is a photographer I actually shadowed at my first wedding – Yann Besrest-Butler. The way he works with people is very admirable, he communicates very clearly and with a lot of his own character shining through to make the subject feel comfortable. He watches out for those special moments and is very discrete – as to get the most natural outcome possible. His images are of exceptional quality technically as well as capturing character.

A photographer who I have found just recently is Katie Hopewell Smith. I found an article of hers in the Professional Photographer magazine about money and her struggle and conclusion on how much she should charge. It is something I struggle with so it was inspiring hearing another photographer speak so openly about it. I checked out her website and she has some beautiful images – I like her use of natural light and the way she captures joyful and genuine moments.

Also a recent discovery – Sarah Fearne photography. She photographs weddings, families and children (mainly babies). She has an ability to capture detail as well as giving the photo a soft touch and a lot of character. Just from the fact that she works with babies and children shows that she has a lot of patience! Then to produce excellent photos of them too, I would say is quite a skill.

A photographer I found on Facebook who does weddings and portrait photography is Andrew Scott Clarke. I love the way he experiments with dramatic and striking lighting – it’s quite unique to some other photographers. He plays with 2 different light sources within his images and does a lot of silhouette/back lighting.

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