Practising: Aperture

What have I done?

I wanted to re-shoot the exercises and tasks we were given in class. So I asked around my family and friends to see if I could use a few of them to practice this on – because my genre of interest is portraiture.

What have I got from it?

I feel that the more I shoot the more I understand how aperture works. I can see in each image how the depth either increases or decreases (depending on which aperture I start with). f22 means all of the image is sharp but the image is darker because of this so the shutter speed and ISO have to be adjusted to create the right exposure. f4 means there is one definite point of focus and everything else drops out of focus. Again, the opposite to f22 means f4 is lighter (as the lens is opened wider) so the shutter speed and ISO are compensated.

Emma7-1RESIZED << f32 Emma8RESIZED << f5.6

f4                                     vs                                  f22


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