Working with a client: Eleonora Gravagna

Monday 13th January 2014

What have I done?

I have shot a portrait in the studio – using lighting and direction with a view to creating an image the client is happy with for her new single (CD) that was going to be released the following Tuesday: So time management and quick thinking was essential.

What have I got from it?

I learnt a lot from this shoot. I learnt how to work with a client, and incorporate what they wanted as well as being able to play with ideas and give direction where needed. For example Eleonora sent me some pictures (ideas of the look she was going for) days before the shoot and also some outfit ideas (as she is a friend of mine she also went through hair, make up and outfit’s with me at my house before hand). It taught me that planning for a shoot is essential – as I had thought through the shoot and planned it in my head, but could have done with thinker deeper about it and writing a shoot plan. For example when we went in the studio I was hoping to use one of the large white back grounds: however when we got in there, the studio roof had leaked again and there was significant water damage to the back ground I hoped to use. So I had to think of how we could get around this obstacle. This did take time which was a disadvantage (because of our limited time slot in the college studio) however in the end we used the smaller white background opposite, and used the white step up to be able to photograph the client’s full body without getting any black lines in (as this white background cut off just before the floor and the wall behind was painted black.) I took a variety of close ups and full body images.
With regards to the lighting, I set up a Beauty dish on the right of the subject and an Octabox on the left. At first I had my sync wire plugged into the Octabox and I got some nice images but they weren’t what I had imagined – and I wanted to try similar lighting to some of the images Eleonora had sent me beforehand. I then plugged the wire into the Beauty dish and it created a flattering yet harsh lighting on the subject, and created a shadow on the left side of the model (her left). This was also a preferred lighting ‘look’ for the client too as she said it was flattering and suited the cover she wanted to create. It set a certain mood that the Octabox didn’t create.
The client was very happy with the photos (and so was I!) and she asked if she could send them to the editor of the label she is signed to – to be edited. I said that was fine, and the end product looked great!

What’s next?

I would like to get my name out there even more and try out more shoots with people/clients.


IW9B0868-02RESIZED IW9B0870-02RESIZED << Octabox

IW9B0895-01RESIZED IW9B0909-03RESIZED IW9B0950-04RESIZED IW9B0958-01RESIZED << Beauty dish

IW9B0958-03RESIZED IW9B0964-07RESIZED << Playing around on Photoshop, as the client showed me an image she wanted to try and recreate, with a ‘double exposure’. I took the images then overlapped them and changed the opacity of each layer in Photoshop. I then needed to adjust contrast and use the burn tool to make each image and it’s details appear visible and clear.

IW9B0981-02RESIZED IW9B0988-01RESIZED IW9B1000-02RESIZED IW9B1015-03RESIZED IW9B1019-01RESIZED IW9B1029-02RESIZED << Beauty dish

IW9B1053-01RESIZED IW9B1062-01RESIZED IW9B1057-01RESIZED << These images came out over exposed because my friends using the other white back ground were shooting and the ‘slave’ switch was on, and as a result when they fired, my Octabox also fired (although I had my connector wire plugged into the Beauty dish), so I had to time my shots. However on these shots I didn’t time it right – but I quite like the way they turned out (after having to edit them though). They give quite a pure/sweet look and the skin looks very clear (as it’s blown out). Also this lighting brought the colour of her eyes out significantly.

IW9B1066-02RESIZED << At the end I thought I’d see how the lighting would look if I came behind Ele, and I like the elegant yet ‘moody’ effect it creates.
single(jpeg)RESIZED << In the end, Ele liked this image the best and it was the one that was edited and used for her single!


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