Nathan & Claire

Thursday 9th January 2014

What have I done?

As I am wanting to become more practised in working with people, stepping out and doing location shoots, also practising shooting a couple in a wedding location (which I will be photographing my Uncle’s wedding at, in August 2014) to suss out what shots look good – trial and error, preparing myself for the weddings I have lined up later this year. Also Nathan & Claire got engaged in the summer so I suggested doing an ‘engagement shoot’ for them!

What have I got from it?

This shoot helped me to be more creative with the way I take photographs – trying out new things and learning from them if they go wrong. It helped me in my communication skills as to what I want to get across, and letting the couple be natural at the same time. It advanced my knowledge and usage of the techniques I had learnt from 1st semester – and being able to use them on location was eye opening – so many different looks can be created with the right location. It gave me confidence in my own abilities as a photographer, not just a ‘student’. At first I was stuck for poses for the couple to do and I wanted to find a part of the park that was particularly romantic/eye – catching. we stuck at searching – and in the end we found the fountains which I felt created a particularly picturesque scene.
Learning to use my new camera over the past few months is something I am still growing to master – and this shoot enabled me to become quicker and more efficient with knowing how to achieve the look I wanted. I also took advantage of using my long lens (as in the last project I saw/experienced the advantages of using a long lens). The only thing I would say is that my 70mm – 300mm lens isn’t as sharp as my 24mm – 105mm. Maybe it’s because it’s an older model, and I’ve had it since 2010.

What’s next?

I will be trying out new locations to shoot in and asking my friends if they can be models! I will also ask some of the other couples I have lined up if they would like to do a shoot with me – as an ‘engagement’.


IW9B0001 IW9B0006-01 IW9B0027-03 IW9B0027-03- IW9B0031-01 IW9B0042-01 IW9B0043-02 IW9B0045-02 IW9B0049-01 IW9B0074-02 IW9B0084-01 IW9B0089-01 IW9B0095-01 IW9B0103-01 IW9B0129-02 IW9B0137 IW9B0142 IW9B0150-01 IW9B0154-01 IW9B0158-03 IW9B0170-02 IW9B0179-01 IW9B0196-02 IW9B0196-04 IW9B0197-01 IW9B0208-02 IW9B0214-02 IW9B0235-02 IW9B0249-04 IW9B0251-02 IW9B0265-02 IW9B9997-03 IW9B9998-03

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