Project Proposal: Eyes: Test Shooting

Tuesday 21st January 2014

What have I done?

I have wanted to experiment in shooting for my project proposal – looking at natural close ups of eyes. I used a large window for natural light for sufficient yet soft lighting that compliments the face and it’s features.

What have I got from it?

I am pleased with the images that I have taken. I am really happy with my camera too because of it’s sharpness, high resolution and full frame abilities. This shoot showed me how the shape of the eye lids and eye brows really effect the look/feel/emotion that the eye appears to hold. It is incredible looking at the eyes up close and seeing the different lines, shapes and colours. The design of the eye is like nothing else on earth. I wanted to show the contrast between two peoples eyes when composed next to each other. The subjects I have photographed are my parents. Knowing them, knowing their life and all they have been through first hand, gives me an empathy for these images, and moves me internally. It will be interesting to see how photographing different people of whom I know on different levels, and what will come through with each persons eyes.
My camera’s lens is 24-105mm telephoto lens, so it is difficult to get too close/macro shots because of it’s focal length and literal lens length. I was stood quite close to my subjects and I could only get as zoomed in as possible to still be in focus, to capture the whole face. However I did crop some of the images and I think they will be ok pixel-wise.

What’s next?

I am looking forward to researching further into my chosen subject and asking more people if they would allow me to photograph them – and seeing what stories are to be told!



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