Studio Practice 1B: Project Proposal Idea

Monday 13th January 2014

What have I done?

I have been given the task of forming my own, self-directed project proposal. To come up with an idea, research into that idea and write a proposal.

What have I got from it?

Learning from the mistakes I made last semester, I am wanting to start off with an idea and let my research influence my project. In my first semester, I made the mistake of having one idea and imagining/wanting the end product, right at the start. I let my research influence it near to the end but then it was too late to expand on it. This time I want to see what journey I will go on with the course my project takes. I feel as though I am starting with this approach now.
I am thinking along the lines of portraiture, and I was inspired when photographing Eleonora, because of her striking eyes. They stood out – their colour, shape, and what the eyes were saying. She had very innocent looking eyes, for her age. They were bright and round. I have always loved eyes and they are my favourite part of a persons face. They can really tell a story and say a lot about a person!


What’s next?

I want to explore and look into photographing eyes. A piece of art by Renee Magritte is brought to mind, I want to research the phenomenon that is: eyes.


I love this description of his admiration and observation of the way Magritte works. I love the line “It’s about what it means to be human, not what it means to be René Magritte.” I would love to be able to create such a sensation and relation with people and the photograph I create – as Rene Magritte did with his art. To encourage them to think and feel, whatever comes to them first, what the image would mean to them – if they could relate to it.

Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 12.03.41 << This can be found at the bottom of the page. There were a lot of images online of the same piece but they all looked slightly different so I didn’t want to just find a copy of it, I wanted to find the original. I looked more and found this, a pull out from a magazine or a poster from an art museum, which is legitimate. Obviously it’s not the piece itself as it’s printed, but it’s the right one.

Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 12.08.04

However I do think Magritte painted a lot of attempts at the same eye image, so that’s why there were a lot of slightly different ones.

When we see eyes, they cause a reaction in the brain. Obviously in this situation it was quite an intimidating experiment as they felt watched – but I wonder how people would react towards an eye exhubing a particular emotion? I know that when I see a picture e.g of someone crying, I start to make a facial expression of empathy towards the subject, feeling what they feel, thinking about why they would feel that etc.

Image close up

Another attempt by Magritte at re-creating ‘The False Mirror’ ? I like how the eyelashes elongate the bottom of the eye. It almost makes you think – has he flipped the eye upside down?

I like this eyes series because she has photographed each person the same. This then shows a contrast in each persons eyes – and as a result (as I see it) – their thoughts, mindset, emotions, personality. Even the different shapes of the eyes. I wonder if it would have been as effective if she had photographed them all from different angles? Maybe this is something I will try.

I think this is so clever, connecting the eyes yet having different emotions on each face. A really interesting concept. I did something similar with with Eleonora’s images, before I found this series!


Turning eyes into art! An interesting technique! I wonder if using Photoshop and distorting the images be valid – or even ethical! (thinking about the people I will shoot).

I like the high fashion yet conceptual approach to these images. It made me personally think: Wow, what would happen if we didn’t have sight? It is such an essential sense. One that, for me as a photographer, is crucial! But obviously there are people who have to cope with being blind – either from birth or over time, maybe because of a circumstance or condition. I wonder how photographing someone who is blind would differ from someone who isn’t? I wonder if I would see something different within them…

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