Project Proposal: Eyes: Test Shooting (2)

Wednesday 22nd January 2013

What have I done?

I asked my cousin Emily if I could photograph her in the studio, specifically focussing on her eyes as she has very striking eyes – between a green and brown colour. I also got some shots for her personally – to give her a studio-shoot experience and to build her confidence in front of the camera.

What have I got from it?

This shoot taught me about making the subject feel comfortable and letting them put their own style and personality into the shoot as well as me giving a few pointers with e.g poses. I also had another chance to practise with my focus – which with each shoot is getting better and I am familiarising myself with it more and more. I had a chance to ask my subject something that I wrote in my notes – I asked her to just sit and think… try and forget the camera was there and think of something that was on her mind. When doing this I got some fascinating shots where you can see in her eyes that she has something on her mind, which intrigues me greatly because it makes me think ‘What was she thinking about? What story is going on in her head?’ etc. There is such an intrigue and a story to be told. This experience aided my practise in communicating with the subject, shooting people up close, and managing to make them feel comfortable.

What’s next?

I want to carry on shooting different coloured eyes and seeing how the people I shoot contrast with each other – physically and in their thoughts/life experiences – hopefully I can capture that as I imagine it is quite a difficult skill to master!



Does the expression/emotion still come through when an image is cropped to eyes only?



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