Inspiration Sources

I came across this randomly when researching however it really grabbed my attention. I really like this kind of conceptual photography. I also love the aesthetics of these images – all the different colours, lighting and textures – the mixture of compositions and thought provoking poses. This set intrigued me because it didn’t give me the answer right away – it made me analyse the images and think of what was going on here. This is the affect I would like to have on a viewer of my images – to capture, stop, think and try and figure it out.

I really like the focus on a lot of these images, and especially the close ups. There are some good tips there, especially for new parents. I am aspiring to take professional images, and being interested in social photography and portraiture, I want to be able to capture children. As I had a shoot with Patrick – my younger cousin, for my experiments towards my ‘eyes’ proposal and research, I realized how difficult it is to capture a child when they’re on top form, playing and bouncing around! It was a challenge to get a still, close up – and it’s something I want to work on. I want to create a comfortable yet structured strategy to get the shots I desire.

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