Project Proposal: Eyes: Test Shoot (4)

Saturday 25th January 2014

What have I done?

I set up my mini studio kit with 2 umbrella lights and photographed my cousin Kaytlan’s eyes.

What have I got from it?

It is fascinating that when up close, a persons true eye colour is seen, because from a far Kaytlan’s eyes seem to be more of a brown colour. But these photos show that she also has reels of green and yellow within them too. I chose to use my studio kit to brighten the subject and face, and to see how this would effect the detail shown through the eyes. As you can see I tried adjusting my lighting ranging from 2 soft umbrella lights to 1 bulb without an umbrella. I wanted to see light shine on to the eyes but also ‘through’ them, from the side. The reason a lot of these are over exposed is because I wanted to get them as light as possible to see as much detail in the iris as possible. I personally like and think the portrait images of just one side of the face are the most successful. There is a vulnerability shown… I feel as though there is a story within the eye, that holds emotion.

What’s next?

I want to think of a few different ways in which I could photograph eyes, with regards to back ground and lighting etc. I also want to explore photographing different ages of people to see what I can see within their eyes…

I still need help with my selection process too – there are so many similar shots here that have only slight yet noticeable differences and I find it hard to choose!



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