Studio Practice 1B: Task sheet 1: Mobile phone context

Monday 27th January 2014

“Create three images of someone using a mobile phone as the subject. Use elements within the background to imply a Context or Meaning to your image.”

task1phone20editRESIZED task1phone11edit2RESIZED task1phone2editRESIZED

I tried to create a scenario/story within each my images.

The first one I wanted to show my mum’s frustration at her son not coming home in time for his tea. “Where on earth are you Lewis? I’ve had your tea ready an hour now, it will be flat cold!” I used the kitchen as a background and the food itself in the foreground, however focussing on the person on the phone. Hopefully this scenario comes across clearly. I asked my mum to actually talk as if it was a real life scenario, and she had the tone of voice and expression to go with it – which I’m happy with!

The second image I asked my brother to think of ‘a girl he liked’ and smile as if he was ‘texting her’ just before he went to sleep. The lighting was a challenge in creating each of these images because it was very dark (as it was at night). We put the TV on to give a bit more light on the subject so that it wasn’t completely pitch black! Hopefully this message came across to the viewer, and his position on the pillow with his hand as a support as well as the mood lighting showed the time of day and the context etc.

The third image I wanted to show how I feel in a morning when my phone wake up alarm goes off! I think it’s a bit poor lighting-wise, however the subtle window light coming in from the right indicates that the morning is just breaking through. I put my camera on a tripod and set it on a 10 second timer. I wanted to get the phone in focus and have the person as the background because I think it works for the scenario – it shows the alarm on the screen, then the eye goes to the hand reaching for the ‘snooze’ button! Then the groggy subject’s expression showing how they feel about this. I couldn’t put my aperture down anymore because of the dim light so that’s why there is a small depth of field.

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