Studio Practice 1B: Task sheet 1: Putting an object in context

Sunday 2nd February 2014

What were the aims of this activity?

‘Create an image of an ‘object’ of your choice as the subject. Use elements within a background to imply a context or meaning to your image.’

I wanted to personally show the difference between an object in context and out of context. So I created a few images that showed a paintbrush being used as usual and that paintbrush being used in the wrong scenario.

What have I got from doing this?

This task really made me think about ‘setting a scene’ for the context of an object and how every little detail is vital – within the back ground and the foreground. For the first images of the paintbrush being used to paint the walls, my parents had just finished painting/decorating their room and there were still paintbrushes and tools lying around. So I re-enacted what had been happening days before.
Within the second set of images I set the scene where I always put my make up on and do my hair using my mirror and layed out the make up on the table to look like I was getting ready as I would usually. At the time I was actually getting ready to go out and I used one of my studio type lights to light me because the lights in the room cast a very orange tint. I wanted this to appear as natural day light as it’s more of a white light.

Did I fulfil my aims?

I think one thing that I think maybe lacked in the first images was the paint on the brush itself, as it looks as though I’m literally just painting without paint. I did have a pot of paint with me to try and show the context more, however I couldn’t get an angle close enough so that the paintbrush was the main focus rather than the pot of paint. If I did this again I would definitely go the whole way and maybe ask my parents if I could paint over a few little areas – to imply the proper reality of the context! I felt like I had fulfilled my aims with the second set of images more, as the focus was more accurate and I feel they look more ‘natural’ and realistic. However I should have photographed at the right time of day to get the proper context and effect.


Paintbrush in context:


Paintbrush out of context:



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