Studio Practise 1B: Encode Task

9th February 2014



What were the aims of this activity?

‘On location, identify elements that you can photograph which can be used to replace the letters in your project title…’

‘Create your own visual Alphabet remembering to use the same image for repeating letters.’

My (reduced for the sake of this task) project title:

Eyes to the soul.

8 different letters.

I was thinking about the original and well known quote ‘Eyes are the windows to the soul’ and this sums up my project. So to be implicit, I went and photographed windows in different ways. This doesn’t give the project away initially, however once the title and the images are put together I suspect that the brain naturally does the rest of the work. However I did include one sneaky image of an eye.

What have I got from doing this?

When carrying out this activity I had a lot of fun exploring within the college, to discover different windows and reflections. I was also trying to take into consideration/abide by the compositions we had just been taught and that we had to put into practise. I felt myself shooting in a more constructed and intentional way. This meant I took time to compose the shots I wanted and gave them specific thought, rather than just snapping.

Did I fulfil my aims?

I think this was a successful shoot and I like the variation of images I have created. Although they are all windows and are similar throughout the college, I feel as though I captured them each with an individual style.



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