Studio Practice 1B: Selection Process (continued) – creating sets

I shot a lot on this project and was therefore left with many images to choose from. It has been a difficult process but also one that has enabled me to create a few different possibilities with all the images I have left to pick from. Here is my process of elimination:

1. I layed all my prints on the ground:
2. I put them into 3 sections:
– the first pile where the eyes are looking to the right,
– the second pile where the eyes are looking to the centre or down (ish)
– the third pile where the eyes were looking back in at the set, to the left
3. I layed them out again in columns of these 3 sections and their sub-sections (e.g down/up and slightly to the right or down/up and slightly to the left):
However when doing this I saw that I had a lot of images that were very similar, that needed to be selected out:
e.g when I have a few similar images from each person: Amy, Geoff, Adele, Alan, Irene, Bernadette, Audrey and Sarah.

So, first I picked out which ones I thought were the best.
– (The 9 at the top of the image are the ones that didn’t make the cut)
– (The larger selection at the bottom are the best selection)

However there were still 2/3 of a few people (photos!) that I thought were equally as good but for different reasons.
So I put them in a few different sets and played about a bit:
Again, I had to think about taking one out to have the right amount of images for each set.

Shuffled a few images around that I thought looked better in different places and balanced out each set:



After much deliberation and with the opinion of my brother I got down to these 20. I feel they are the best executed technically, and each tell their own story, each containing a different expression. I have layed them out this way, creating 4 sets of 5 images (go from left to right on the picture).

I’m not sure whether to stay with these 20 as my final images, having 4 seperate sets of 5, or to continue selecting down. I must say one of my favourite out of these sets is the very top line.

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