Filming for Eleonora’s music video

24th March 2014

Eleonora wanted to release her single ‘Not Alone’ and wanted a professional looking video to go with it. She had a vision in mind and asked me to film for it! I incorporated all that I have learnt about photography from my course e.g lighting, the cameras manual settings and focus, depth of field, aesthetics, composition etc and produced footage that the client was happy with. We then sent it off to the editor who added typography and filters/effects (in accordance with the record label) and the final thing came together really well! Into this also came time management and being professional and keeping focussed. I also was able to get some photos in the midst of this video shoot. This gave me more experience in handling a client and their needs, experimenting and learning more about filming (to add to my ventures) and providing me with more opportunities in the future. Here are some pictures:


The finished video:

Credited and linked on Social Media:

commercial context commercial contxt

elecredit credit.fbele

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3 thoughts on “Filming for Eleonora’s music video

  1. This is a beautifully understated video. Simple yet interesting! Well done!

  2. and…….the end shots are very powerful!

  3. Thanks a lot Georgia! 😀

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