Technique & Process 1B: Photoshop: Non-destructive editing

18th February 2014

What were the aims of this activity?

To learn about how to edit our images without damaging them, or editing something on Photoshop and realising it’s too late to change that thing because you’d already gone over it etc. Editing in layers, effectively.

What have I got from doing this?

This is a really good principle to learn and great for if I’m editing a photo very intricately and need to do a bit, undo, do a lot, undo, start again, etc. This is the power of using layers – nothing gets rubbed out or deleted that isn’t meant to be! You can be intentional with layers. I personally really liked the idea of ‘colour popping’ (in this instance) and using a black and white layer over the top, then go to ‘add vector mask’ at the bottom under layers (to make it safe!), then either select the rubber tool and rub out the area you want in colour. If you go over you can just reverse the tool but switching the colour swatches on the left hand side. Use the rubber tool again to ‘rub out’ your mistakes. Don’t forget to flatten the image when you’re done and save AS.

Did I fulfil my aims?

Yes, this was a successful learning experience, I gained some knew knowledge about Photoshop.

(See my folder for print screens)

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