Technique & Process 1B: Proposal: Shoot 1

31st March 2014 – Alana & Sion

What were the aims of this activity?

To shoot a mother and son in the studio, using the studio lighting flash to create a professional look to my images. I used a Canon 5D Mark iii. I shot on digital in colour, however wanted to turn some to black and white in photoshop to give them a certain ‘classic’ mood. I also intended to use Photoshop to use the tools I had learnt to enchance the images at every opportunity – including reconstructing the background, taking unecessary dust and hairs off of clothes, merging parts of the uneven colours of the background when the lights didn’t fire.

What did I get from doing this?

I learnt a lot about handling not only one person (which I am used to doing in the studio) but two people together, and capturing their relationship. This means not being shy to capture intimate moments between the two.
Technically, this shoot was quite frustrating in places, as because I wanted to shoot at high speed to capture each movement/look/expression, the lights didn’t have chance to recharge in time for the next shot, so some images have half the lighting they should have. This leaves some of my images shady in places where they shouldn’t be. For some of the images this works really well but for others I had to do a lot of editing to get them to look right again.
The little boy Sion had been ill the past few days before the shoot and was just getting over a bug. This made him restless and it was difficult to keep him in one place at once as he wanted to run around and have a look everywhere. This is why I had to shoot quickly and often – to be able to capture every moment possible. However! The fact that he’d been ill really enhanced this shoot because children who are ill are much clingier to their mothers – this aided me in getting such close and intimate shots.

Did I fulfill my aims?

I definitely fulfilled my aims as I managed to create high quality images with successful studio flash lighting and a variation of posed and natural shots. The client (Alana) was also very happy with the images and had one printed on a canvas for Sions 2nd birthday! (see research folder)

















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