Techniques & Processes: Correcting flash

11th April 2014

What were the aims of this activity?

(Pointing the flash to the ceiling to create a softer yet still effective use of flash)…To use my mind to work out and correct a harsh flash that casts shadows to a soft flash that is even and flattering on portraits. These images were taken at my exhibition (because I took photos of the event). However for this image I set up the camera settings and distance and my dad pressed the shutter, because I wanted a successful photo of Georgia and I.

What did I get from doing this?

The difference between the 2 images is very clear and I understand why, according to the aperture and distance the subject is away from the camera. This helped me think quick in a situation where it was needed because at an event there is action and it requires quick thinking to get the right shot with the right exposure (if using flash).

Did I fulfill my aims?

I did, because the difference between the two is evident and the second image is definitely a more even distribution of light from the Speedlite flash gun.

IW9B9743-03RESIZED 1/32 sec, f8, ISO 400, 50mm lens length. We were closer to the camera here.

IW9B9745-01RESIZED 1/32 sec, f8, ISO 400, 102mm lens length. I positioned my dad about 5ft back and zoomed my lens in.


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