Advanced Technique & Process 2A: No Daylight: Experimenting Pt 2!

2nd October 2014

I set my camera up on a tripod and did some test shots for the no day light brief, just to see how the exposure came out, and to get used to using my camera on long shutter speeds.

My camera settings were: f5.6, ISO 400 and I doubled the number of seconds the shutter was open for, with each exposure…

IW9B0191RESIZED 1 sec IW9B0192RESIZED 2 secs IW9B0193RESIZED 4 secs IW9B0194RESIZED 8 secs IW9B0195RESIZED 15 secs

IW9B0196RESIZED 30 secs (my camera would only go up to a 30 second exposure)

IW9B0202RESIZED 30 secs

IW9B0208RESIZED 30 secs

IW9B0209RESIZED 30 secs

IW9B0210RESIZED 30 secs

I am reasonably happy with the results but I would have hoped my camera could record more than 30 seconds, to see if they would look better any lighter (as I think some of them would, considering the stars and how dark the night sky was…). I will be experimenting more with long shutter speeds to get better at calculating it and, as I was informed by my colleagues after shooting, I should have turned my camera on to ‘Bulb’ mode to create longer exposures.

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