Advanced Studio Practice 2A: Conceptualising Objects: Vintage Whisk

2nd October 2014

Our Object: Vintage Whisk

My colleague and I had to think of ways in which we could conceptualise this vintage whisk. There were many practical, metaphorical and emotional ways in which we could photograph the whisk. However in the end we wanted to emphasise the mechanics of the whisk – seen as these types of whisks nowadays are rare, and rather special. Why not celebrate it’s unique aspects?

So we tried to get as close as possible, and use different lighting we found around the (college) building. We used natural bright sunlight coming through the window which added a really dramatic effect which emphasised the intricacy of the mechanics, that worked well. We used the laminated floor, a wooden table and some plain paper to reflect the light back at the shadows and whisk itself. This added a depth and context for the age of the whisk, having it against wood, as if in an old kitchen setting, with the natural window light. I feel these images are rather successful. Some of them are quite far away – but within these types of images I like the shadows that outline the shapes and mechanics of the whisk.



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