Advanced Studio Practice 2A: Convergent & Divergent thinking


I did some research on the different ways of thinking: Convergent or Divergent. Convergent is only being able to see limited options – either ‘this’ or ‘that’. Divergent thinking is thinking outside of those limited options and looking elsewhere for different options for that particular situation.

I looked at myself after researching and thought ‘Am I a convergent or divergent thinker?’ and I see in different areas of my life that I am both, depending on the activity and it’s components.

Within photography – do I tend to think outside the box? or do I stick with what is considered ‘the done way’?

I would say I like to dream, I like to imagine and to be creative with things most of the time. However in some situations e.g technicalities I am quite a convergent thinker.

See more in my research folder…

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