Advanced Studio Practice 2A: Conceptualising words

16th October 2014

‘Laughter’ & ‘Time will tell’

When I got given/picked this word and phrase combined, I immediately thought about when two people who like each other in the early stages, always tend to start off by ‘having a laugh’ with each other and joking around together. This is how relationship tends to start – very light hearted and fun. However although this may be how relationships start, only time will tell whether they make it as a long term couple. Every couple that come together is different and some say time can either be a healer or a breaker. Along with choices made by each individual that shapes their future.

I wanted to illustrate this by creating an everyday ‘scene’ that I see at college – a guy and a girl talking, laughing and being playful with one another. Therefore I used the college ‘Lounge’ as the location/scene. I asked the female model to e.g put her hand on then guys shoulder/knee to show little subtle signs of affection. I purposefully included mobile phones in this shoot because this is the age we are in right now – the technical age – social media and the internet are where most of this ‘relationship building’ and communication happens now, as crazy as that sounds. People tend to connect over what they have seen on the internet and talk about it together which can lead to building a likeness between the pair. However this could just be a friendship or lead to a short term relationship or even a long term relationship – time will tell.

As well as having a guy and girl laughing I wanted to have a contrast between two couples and how time does tell. So this is why I photographed two couples sat at a table – one laughing and joking together, and one quite upsetting, angry, abusive relationship. I portrayed this by asking the models to express certain emotions and facial expressions for each side of the coin.




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