Advanced Studio Practice 2A: Divergent Photographing (around the house)

24th September 2014

I wanted to look for opportunities around my home to play with objects and photograph them in such a way that I could ‘make something’ out of them.


Can you guess what the first image is? On first glance it is hard to recognise – but it’s a wooden table. I saw the light shining on it this way and it made me imagine a river flowing really fast and how it creates ripples in the water whilst moving in one direction. Also none of the colour has been adjusted on this image, but because of this colour, it is even more convincing as flowing water. The lighting also adds drama and could lead one to think it is a dangerous current about to suck someone down a waterfall.

The second image is quite obvious what the object is, but I thought it looked like a lighthouse, a tunnel, ‘light at the end of the tunnel’, the letter ‘i’ because of the light casting a circle on the wall, a shocked Cyclops! or even a house with the door open.

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