Advanced Studio Practice 2A: Conceptual self portait idea

20th October 2014

For my self portrait I am wanting to project my internal identity through external symbols. For example I want to portray my heart, my faith and growth within my life, because these are the things that I feel are the most important in life. It’s how I live my life. For example I want to show a big heart on my chest because I am very sensitive and am easily and deeply touched by things in my heart. I have a big heart for people and life. The heart is also linked in with faith. I also want to show my faith and growth by the symbol of a tree (probably a tree lamp/prop rather than a real tree!) and the actual movement of jumping forward. The dress I will wear is also part of this, because it will be floaty to represent gentleness and grace. I will also be in bare feet, to represent freedom.

I aim to shoot a full-length shot of myself in the studio on a white background, with reasonably high key dramatic lighting (e.g maybe, one large soft box lighting me and the scene, that creates soft shadows to add a little drama). I will be jumping slightly so I look like I’m moving forward towards the camera, and this will be emphasised through the movement in the dress. I will have to test this out but I will create the heart by using black card, cutting out a small heart and taping a red ‘gel’ over the heart, then taping this to another small light source so hopefully it will come out the right size on my chest, when projected. I am also contemplating whether to have the tree lamp in the shot, or in front of another light source to cast a large shadow over me, like another projection. If possible I am thinking of using the white steps in the studio to ‘walk down’ as the shutter is released. This will be quite tricky the get the heart in the right position to calculate movement. However I will see if this is possible on the day of shooting and if not will try an alternative. I will set the camera on timer on a tripod to be able to get the shot.

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