Advanced Studio Practice 2A: Conceptual self portait shoot

24th October 2014

IW9B1548-edittogether5RESIZED IW9B1573-03RESIZED IW9B1575-04RESIZED IW9B1586-04RESIZED IW9B1592-04RESIZED

Here are a few examples of the shoot and aesthetic of the image I am wanting to create. The lighting plan with the heart didn’t go as planned so I had to have an ambient light shining through a cut out of the heart on a piece of card taped to a stand on my left hand side, then block all the other ambient light out and shoot on a lower shutter speed to balance the flash of the studio light (main light source) and the brightness and colour cast of the ambient light (heart). However this was only for image 1. Then image 2,3,4 and 5 were shot only with the studio light and the heart was photographed seperately and Photoshopped in after. This enabled me to jump and get the effect with the dress that I wanted to create, because in image 1 I couldn’t move just in case the heart went out of line, so I tried creating movement with my dress to give the impression. I really wanted to be able to set most of the scene in reality rather than Photoshopping after, but it’s the way it worked out. The final product is not fully finished yet because I wasn’t able to obtain the tree prop on the day, so I am thinking I could photograph the tree then do a double exposure with both photos, or Photoshop the tree in. I also need to choose between these images ^ and which I feel depicts ‘me’, and the concept behind the shot, the most.

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