Advanced Studio Practice 2A: Shoot: “As sly as a Fox”

27th October 2014

I wanted to shoot towards my ‘animal phrases’ project, so I booked a model, researched my concept/chosen animal for this shot and got the clothing, make up (face paint in this case), location and lighting sorted, and shot it!
I was able to look up some tutorials to do the make up myself, and already had some clothing I wanted to use because it fit with the chosen phrase/animal. I picked my model specifically because of her facial features that worked well with the concept of a fox.

At first I shot the model in front of a white wall, with the light shining down on her and therefore casting shadows against the wall but also over her eyes and cheek bones when she leaned forwards. I feel these are most successful towards the concept I am trying to create/portray because of the expression on her face and the ‘sly’ and ‘shady’ aesthetic this gives the image.

As well as doing some close ups against a white wall, I also wanted to create a literal interpretation on location – of a fox in context, being sneaky. I used my back garden as a location because I see them passing through swiftly from time t0 time, even though they are quite wild animals. It almost gives the impression and implication of them being sly – because they are in a place where they shouldn’t be – on someone else’s property as it where.


I think this shoot was a success because I covered both a metaphorical and literal interpretation of the phrase. I am also happy with the model I picked and how she got into character very well, giving me a diverse range of poses and expressions. This shoot has inspired me to experiment more with these phrases and shoots, and to not shy away from thinking outside of the box.

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