Advanced Studio Practice 2A: 3-5 images (1)


I feel that these are 5 of the best shots from the shoot, because they portray the phrase and concept I am wanting to create. They indicate in action and expression, ‘slyness’. I am happy with the way the make up looks in the shots and the location worked well, because of the familiarity of my association with a fox creeping through the backs of gardens in the neighbourhood, without invitation. I especially like the second image because of the intensity of the expression and the way the light falls on the models face and over her eyes. Although this shot doesn’t have the location to indicate in the same way the last 3 images do, I feel that it is an extremely powerful, ‘stand alone’ image. It tells a story.

** After getting feedback from my tutor and colleagues I definitely want to shoot more in the way of the second image – using expression to direct the concept more, instead of poses where the model is ‘acting’. In the second image the model has become the fox, and isn’t just acting, but is feeling the ’emotion’ or ‘thought’ of the fox. Her character is showing through her eyes, which is powerful.

From now on when shooting for this project, for each phrase I want to shoot on location as a literal interpretation, and with just a white back drop as a metaphorical interpretation, and see how I can capture and experiment with expression.

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