Advanced Technique & Process 2A: Shooting: Capturing movement and expression/emotion (flash techniques)

4th December 2014

Equipment used:

Canon 5D mk iii
430EXii speed lite
LED wires

The aim of this shoot was to use the same settings and techniques to capture movement (LED wires, speed lite) however this time I wanted to depict the raw emotion and grit determination of the free runner, to get in closer to the subject and to capture the moment right in the middle of the each move, where the free runner has to give all to get to ‘the other side’ (and in most cases – to land the move). This is about the mental attitude of the free runner, combined with physical stamina & ability, and the emotion/expression of overcoming fears and ‘freeing your mind’.


I feel here I have definitely captured the raw grit emotion within the face and also stance of the subject in the air. Also I have seen through doing this project that emotion can be expressed¬†within the shapes created by the body and movements (and this was something I wrote about in my proposal early on – something I wanted to capture). For example the last image ^ a ‘kick’ is almost an expression of an attitude, for example ‘opposing’, ‘overcoming’, ‘kicking’ fear out of his mind and coming out better on the other side.

I feel that I have further improved within my technicality after trying it out on the last shoot so this time it was mainly about working on my timing in capturing the peak of movement. The only thing that is a tad distracting in these shots is the blown out clothing because of the intensity of the flash. I shot these in JPEG so there was not a lot of leniency with correcting the blown out areas afterwards. I burned in the midtones in Photoshop as much as I could without it looking over done, however I think it would be beneficial to me to re shoot in RAW and see if I can correct this further.

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