Advanced Studio Practice 2A: 3-5 images (3)


It was hard to whittle it down to 5 because all of these photos from the shoot were all very similar, and only a slight tweak in facial expression made all the difference because of the specific concept of this phrase. It was interesting shooting this because I thought about doing a literal and metaphorical interpretation, but because of the phrasing itself, I was able to combine the two – because the Bee is in the Bonnet. The phrase is talking about an idea going around and around in one’s mind – the Bee is the thought, and the Bonnet is a representation of the ‘head’/’mind’. So the concept is literally shown through the physical – the person as the bee and the bonnet itself – but the concept is captured in the expression of the model. I really wanted to show the ‘Bee’ deep in thought – obsessed with an idea.

In image 1 the models expression is almost as though she is in another world – she is deep in thought and this is shown strongly in the eyes, looking glazed and ‘far away’. The second image is in my opinion one of the strongest, because of the depth of the look exchanged with the viewer. When I see this image it captures me in a deep way because of the depth of the glance and expression. The slight squint and pin point focus of the eyes is striking. Images 3, 5 & 6 are quite similar, because the Bee is in the act of thinking about the idea it is obsessed with, however there is a passive nature to these images and they aren’t as striking as the ones where eye contact is made with the viewer. Lastly, image 4, I think is the strongest. There is a real sense of ‘wracking the brains’ over a thought – this is portrayed within the squint in the eyes and the hand held up to the ‘face’ of the Bee. I think this will be used as a final image because of these reasons.

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