Advanced Studio Practice 2A: 3-5 images (2)

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It was difficult to choose 5 images because each of them all have a slightly different but equally interesting expression, however in the end I have to go with my aims. At first I shot the metaphorical interpretation of the phrase where the actual context of the phrase was held/created in the expression itself. I experimented with the ‘doe eyed’ look and portraying the Deer as the hunter, not the hunted, which you can see in the first image – she is drawing the viewer in with her charm – contrary to how you would expect a Deer to be ‘in the headlights’. However although this was an interesting concept, I think it was more suited to the Sly as a Fox shoot, because of the nature of that phrase. So I wanted to show the ‘Deer’ in the headlights – not in peryl, shocked, but still empowered and direct, striking to the viewer. I tried shooting from the side with the model looking at the ‘headlight’ itself (image 3 ^), however I think this takes away the engagement with the viewer and makes it less striking. The 4th image is kind of a combination (in the expression) of images 1 and 2, but less shocked and more ‘alert’ or aware of the presence of the viewer. However I think it gives a similar message to image 1.

Then we have the literal interpretation of a deer caught in the headlights. The model, feeling and expressing as a Deer would feel in the line of an oncoming car – fearful, shocked, stunned, in peryl and frozen. I like these images because they do interpret the phrase, literally, really well. The first image – the directness of the pose of the model and the head turned towards the camera with the hands hanging over her knees makes for a defining shot, and her expression tops of this directness. The second is a more ‘alert’ version of the first and the third is in peryl, you can see the terror on her face. However I think the metaphorical interpretation is more interesting conceptually and therefore will go for this in my final image of this phrase.

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