Advanced Studio Practice 2A: Shoot: “Like an Elephant in the room”

17th December 2014

The aim of this shoot was to capture a literal and metaphorical interpretation of the phrase “Like an Elephant in the room”. For the literal interpretation I wanted to create a scene where people (in this case, a family) were chatting and throughout the conversation an awkward topic of conversation, a taboo subject, a subject that maybe everyone knows about but no one wants to mention, crops up. The literal Elephant symbolises this topic of conversation. I wanted to create awkwardness and tension within the group of people. I wanted the ‘Elephant’s’ expression to look equally as awkward but also a mixture of ashamed/concerned/guilty/embarrassed (because the Elephant is the taboo topic). The reason I chose a baggy outfit for the ‘Elephant’ too was because whenever the ‘Elephant in the room’ is raised to peoples attention, they tend to try and deflate the situation – this type of clothing makes the Elephant appear as though it has literally been deflated. Then from this expression from the Elephant I wanted to try some head shots on a white back ground – with no context – but the expression being the ‘context’. Here are my results…

I found that because of the nature of the phrase, this particular shoot worked better in context – with the people talking in the room together because the phrase itself is used to describe a situation not necessarily an individual, as the other phrases have been. This then influences my final set of images for this project because there will be at least one that is a little different.  It’s interesting how this project has really helped me explore the phrases we use and what we are actually saying. It has also been interesting to explore the deep feelings encapsulated within the ‘animals’ expressions – to portray the actual meaning.

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