Advanced Studio Practice 2A: 3-5 images (4)


I got myself down to 8 images! My aim was to portray a ‘wolf in sheeps clothing’ – using lighting but mainly pose and expression to portray the feeling/concept of the phrase – a conniving and cunning animal, disguised but starting to show. I constructed the standing shots with the big shadow as a representation of ‘2 sides’ – and when someone is hiding behind a mask or different persona. Here we have different variants of this being shown. Image 1 looks more (in the face) like a cunning wolf with a swugness in it’s expression thinking it has fooled everyone into believing it is something it is not. Images 2, 3 and 6 are more serious and straight – turned slightly away yet looking right down into the camera. The 4th and 5th images I wanted to use the ‘paws’ as a way of implying aggression and also the fact that the ‘Wolf’ is implying that we know of it’s facade and is going to reveal it’s full identity. The last 2 images I find very striking because they are close up, the lighting divides the picture in half (good side and bad side with light and dark) and there is a subtlety yet strength within the expression. I personally think the second to last image is the strongest because the expression is directly in the eyes – they appear calm but also have a slight squint which implies the cunning nature yet doesn’t reveal it so obviously or in a ‘gimmicky’ way. I think this will be a final image for this reason.

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