Advanced Studio Practice 2A: 3-5 images (5)

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As ever, it was difficult choosing just 5. A lot of the images are very similar e.g images 1,2 and 3 but it is just slight facial expressions and body language that makes all the difference towards the message I am trying to portray – the fact that the Elephant is a big topic that everyone knows is there but no one wants to confront (or maybe some do but others don’t). This creates tension and awkwardness when semi-confronting the issue or trying to move away from the subject and take the conversation on a new route. Then we have images 4 & 5 where half the party have noticed the elephant and are talking about the situation between the other two sat chatting. Image 6 is as if the lady on the far left has dropped a bombshell (the Elephant) and the others are just in the process of hearing, processing and reacting to what she has said, while she tries to deflate the situation by taking a sip from her drink. Image 7 is similar to the message of images 4 & 5. Half the party have picked up on the elephant in the room whilst the other two are engaged in conversation and it is within this conversation that the ‘Elephant’ has been ‘touched on’ – as shown in the young man’s expression/reaction on the left. It is captured at the ‘peak’ of the ‘awkward moment’. With the last 2 images I wanted to capture the emotion that the ‘Elephant’ must feel – being the topic everyone wants to ignore but it is an important topic. The ‘Elephant’ would feel ignored, alone, misunderstood, even ashamed/embarrassed. I like these last two images because of their close up nature and impact with the expression however I don’t think they work as well for this particular phrase.

It’s interesting because through this project – at first, I thought I could apply the same principle/style to every different shoot for each phrase, however it has become apparent with each analysis that this is not possible because each phrase is individual and has it’s own context and situation that works differently when represented within a photo.

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