Advanced Studio Practice 2A: Final images and best practice images

Throughout the course of this project I have delved deeper into the actual meaning of what we say. This has helped me understand my own self and the world better. Conceptually, I went from thinking that I would shoot each phrase in the same way – to finding out that each phrase had to be considered as an individual, but for them also to work as a set. I see through the final 5 I have chosen that they start off with the Fox, completely metaphorical, but the literal interpretation builds up as the set goes along. Each phrase has been considered and I chose the image for each that I felt conceptually showed it best.

See the white folder ‘Final Images’. These images are 1 from each shoot that I feel embodies the phrase within everything in the image, the best.

See the folder ‘Best Practice Images’. These images have been the progression along the way towards the project. They show great examples of what I’ve been doing, even though they may not fully embody the projects aims themselves.


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