Advanced Studio Practice 2A: Self-Portrait revisited (development)

I wanted to re-visit my conceptual self portrait and finish it off properly, because of arrangements on the day for a tree prop I wanted to use going wrong, it went differently to how I thought. So I wanted to find a way around this and finish it off. Also because I chose 5 images that I found hard to decide between, and I wanted to whittle it down again to really show the aim of what I was trying to produce and show about myself.
I wanted to incorporate a tree into my self portrait because I feel it represents growth and growth is an important part of my life. I did this by editing in Photoshop and doing a sort of ‘double exposure’ with the tree behind me to represent growth within myself. I would have preferred to create the image all on set however I didn’t have chance to re-shoot and thought the ‘double exposure’ would add more depth to the image. I whittled it down to these 2 images because I feel like they show through my expression and stance that I am not embarrassed to be me, I’m not looking for acceptance but feel empowered by all that has influenced me and made me who I am.

IW9B1575-02tree1blog IW9B1586-03-tree1blog

Although I think they both represent me – there is a slight difference between them. I feel that on the first one my stance is more confident and forward, yet gentle at the same time. On the second one my head is slightly tilted down and this gives an air of tentativeness which could be interpreted as shyness. It’s interesting because throughout this semester I feel as though I have gone from being quite tentative (not necessarily shy but just ‘careful’) to becoming more confident and forward. So therefore I think the first of the two is my finalised conceptual self portrait.

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