Advanced Technique & Process 2A: Final images and best practice images

Over the course of this project my research and experimentation has strongly influences my shoots. At first I started off with an idea in my head of a static image of the free runner frozen in the air – mainly to show the move they were doing and the shape they took on when executing each move. However as I’ve gone on I have built on this – using movement, long shutter speeds, flash techniques, and different angles. By using these techniques I have also captured the essence of the subject and why they do this sport. I wanted to capture the emotion and expression, the ‘race face’, that goes into their expertise as well as the actual physical ability to do it. I then moved from static imagery to moving imagery and capturing the moment before the moment using LED wires to record the before movement, and using flash to freeze the move itself and the emotion behind it.

See white folder marked ‘Final Images’. These images show the best example of the techniques and aims I have been exploring for this project.

See white folder marked ‘Best Practice images’. These show very good examples of tried techniques, but don’t fulfill the specific aims I had. They are experimental too and include some images shot based on techniques we had learnt along the way e.g inverse square law, using a portable light source on location, using a speed lite as the main light source, shooting in RAW, white balance etc.

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